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Proteine 2022: Interaction of proteins with small ligands and macromolecules

Proteine 2022, meeting of the Protein Group of the Italian Society of Biochemistry (SIB) will be held in Pisa on May 18-20, 2022 and will be focused on the interactions of proteins with small ligands and macromolecules. The conference will be a great opportunity to meet qualified Italian and international researchers working in the field of the protein structural, dynamic, and functional properties and to present the state of art in terms of research and methods. The program includes a series of invited talks from experts in the field and a series of oral presentations selected from the contributions of the participants. In order to maximize the exchange and interaction, poster sessions are planned.

The conference program includes four scientific sessions:
- 18th afternoon: Protein Interactions with Macromolecules
- 19th morning: Protein Interactions with Small Ligands
- 19th afternoon: Case Studies from PhD Students
- 20th morning: Methods and Models for the Characterization of Protein Interaction"


Proteine 2020 will start at:

Pisa, Centro Congressi Benedettine

Proteine 2022
18|20 May 2022
Pisa, Centro Congressi Benedettine
Piazza S. Paolo a Ripa D'Arno, 16
56125 Pisa PI, Italia

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